Shocking End of Stringer and Avon

WARNING: This post contains SPOILERS.

(Photo courtesy of League Rules Frown Upon)

Throughout this season, I have not been hit with the “shocking moment” of the series. However, episode 11 provided that with the assassination death of Stringer Bell by the hands of Brother Muzone and Omar Little. I never saw it coming. I believed that Stringer would make it through to, at least, the fifth season before being killed or even surviving the whole show.

However, a clue has dropped and upon first watch, complete shock. Yet through a second viewing, the rooftop meeting between Avon and Stringer shows that the game and the relationship had changed.

See video clip:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91CpbRq9Tiw”>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91CpbRq9Tiw%5D

After Avon had gotten out of prison and heard that he had lost some of his drug corners, he went back to the street game of violence. To Avon, the game had not changed while he was up. But to Stringer, he was finished with the street games. He had plans for that drug money as he was investing in building upscale real estate in downtown Baltimore. He shelled out hundreds of thousands of dollars to political leaders to get permits secured only to be screwed out of the money. To him, the game had changed. But the game had moved from the drug corners and hustle to politics and real estate. Stringer had big plans, but not the same plans as Avon. While the two looked content talking over looking the city they grew up in, both knew they were working against one another and selling each other out.

According to an article on The Gray Way, they break down the scene as this, ” Stringer Bell and Avon Barksdale built supremacy from the ground up, and from an embellished condo deck super high to their jungle gym former, they lived in the past. The two lightheartedly reflect on the toy store below where they stole a badminton set in defiance of having ‘no yard.’ Both simultaneously laughing, but with a slight falsity. The dual small-theiving big dreamers are now high-life habitants, but Avon asked Stringer to dream with him once more. Though, for Stringer that was no longer needed. ‘We ain’t gotta dream no more, man. We got real estate, man, real s—t we can touch.’ A quote that has such a powerful twofold meaning, as the schooldays-union-turned-adulthood-emprie, on this night, no longer had a dream….’Us, motherf—-r,’ Avon expresses, before embracing Bell who relates, ‘Us, man.’ A long 12+ second realization stare from Avon ensues. That was really goodbye.”


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