I'm a senior at American University majoring in Broadcast Journalism with minors in Marketing and Multimedia Art. I am an avid sports fan and have worked for the Washington Wizards/Mystics, ESPN 980 Radio, the Lexington Legends, and as a sports reporter for a local Washington, D.C. newspaper. I look to pursue a career in Sports Journalism production for both television and the web.
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Where Do You Draw the Line?

(Photo Courtesy of The Wire Wikia) *SPOILERS APPEAR IN THIS POST* As a journalism student, the character Scott Templeton went against everything that I have ever learned about the profession. As a journalist, the job is to gather facts and report facts. Made up stories are saved for the fiction books, not the front page. This … Continue reading

The Future of Newspapers

(Photo Courtesy of Amazon Images) This season of The Wire focuses on the newspaper industry and how it relates to the storyline presented in the previous four seasons. Back in Season 3, I analyzed how the media was starting to play an influential role in the perceptions of specific characters. While doing research, I came upon information … Continue reading

Namond Brice & Social Intervention

(Photo Courtesy of HBO) **SPOILERS APPEAR IN THIS POST* Something that really struck me during this season was the change and development of Namond Brice. Namond, the son of Wee Bey Brice the jailed enforcer of the Barksdale organization, is forced back into the drug trade by his mother after their support for the Barksdales is … Continue reading

Behind the Scenes of Real-Life Public Schools

(Woodrow Wilson High School, Washington DC. Photo courtesy of Metro Montage) After our class discussion tonight about the public school system, I decided to push this topic a bit further. I thought about how different schools in the Washington, DC area are from where I grew up in Lexington, Kentucky. I thought back to my freshman year … Continue reading

A Hidden Agenda Behind the Microphone

(Photo Courtesy of Premium Hollywood) WARNING: This post may contain SPOILERS. After our season 3 symposium in class the other night, a character that deserves a closer look is Councilman Thomas “Tommy” Carcetti. While Carcetti begins to make his presence known in season 2, the viewers really begin to see the strong character that Carcetti is developing as. … Continue reading

Shocking End of Stringer and Avon

WARNING: This post contains SPOILERS. (Photo courtesy of League Rules Frown Upon) Throughout this season, I have not been hit with the “shocking moment” of the series. However, episode 11 provided that with the assassination death of Stringer Bell by the hands of Brother Muzone and Omar Little. I never saw it coming. I believed that Stringer would make … Continue reading

Numbers Don’t Lie

(Photo from In the second half of season 3, as a theme that we see throughout all the seasons of The Wire so far, the police are highly sensitive to the game of numbers. During the meetings with the Majors, the commissioner and deputy commissioner really hammer home how important it is to get the crime numbers down. But it is … Continue reading

The Victim of the Game

(Photo Courtesy of HitFix ) In Season 3, we are introduced to Dennis “Cutty” Wise, a former highly regarded enforcer sentenced to jail for 14 years, taking the fall for several murders. After being released, Cutty finds that the game has continued on without him. But we also see from Cutty that the game has not … Continue reading

The Unlikely Duo

(Photo courtesy of Two characters that are featured throughout Season 1 and Season 2 are the “unlikely duo” of Roland Pryzbylewski and Lester Freamon. These two characters found strength in one another after being paired together in the Barksdale detail. They formed a unique bond as they were both labeled the outliers of their departments. The thing that I … Continue reading

The Fall of D’Angelo Barksdale

Season 2, Episodes 5-8 (courtsey of The Wire Wiki) SPOILER: If you have not watched through episode 7 of the second season, this will reveal information that important to the story but contains the fate of D’Angelo Barksdale. Throughout the first and second season before his death, we see a change in D’Angelo as a … Continue reading